Networking Acronyms and Terminology

May 17, 2012 @ 11:11 am by HackingManual

This is a list of basic computer networking acronyms and terminology. It is a first draft and I will continue to update it and add more information and terms.

LAN- Local Area Network usually a single building or campus
WAN- Connects lans up to global in scale (internet)
MAN- Metro area network City Wide Network
SAN  Data storage network
PAN  Devices around a persons work area, PDA Keybord mouse.
NIC- Network interface card
NOS- Network operating system- windows server, linux, unix netware
Terminator- resistive load at the end of the network cable that blocks reflection and reduces noise
Repeater- network amplifier repeats all incoming packets as broadcast to all connections
Bridge- connects two similar networks
Gateway- connects two dissimilar networks
Router- same as gateway  but only for routeable protocols can also direct network traffic.
B router-  router only able to support a single protocol
Hub- network splitter, broadcasts all incoming packets to all ports
Passive- no active componenets splits signal to all ports, only one per segment, terminate unused ports
Active- powered hub amplifies signal while broadcasting to all ports.
Switch Splits network and provides and provides direction to network packets
Node device that connects to network
NAS Network attached storage

Collision Detecion and Avoidance
-Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Avoidance
-Node checks network for other broadcasts before transmitting
-Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection
-Node broadcasts and waits for reply or time out

Token passing
-Only the node with an empty token can broadcast
-Every node handles every token
-Time sharing ensures every node gets equal time

MAU -Multistation Access Unit, Allows devices to attach to token ring network
Network Administrator -Responsible for maintaining network hardware, software, and users.
IPX- Internet Packet eXchange
ISP-Internet Service Provider
UNC -Universal Naming Convention
POTS -Plain Old Telephone Service
TCP/IP-Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
SLIP-Serial Line Internet Protocol
PPP-Point-to-Point Protocol
DUN- Dial Up Network
UTP -Unshielded Twisted Pair
STP- Shielded Twisted Pair or Spanning Tree Protocol
Protocol -Set of rules telling devices on network how to communicate
Topology- Physical and logical layout of network
VLAN- virtual local area network
DHCP – Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
VPN – virtual private network
SSL – secure sockets layer

Instantly Fix Over 50 Common Windows Problems Free

Apr 07, 2012 @ 03:53 pm by HackingManual

FixWin has over 50 instant repair options for some of Window’s most common and hard to fix problems.  FixWin is a must have program for anyone who has a windows computer, it is also very useful if you do computer repair professionally or as a hobby.  It is free and portable so you can place it on a CD or flash drive.

One common problem I’ve used this program to fix is to restore the recycle bin back to my desktop because it was missing. If you’ve ever tried to fix that on certain operating systems you know how much of a headache it can be doing registry manipulations, but using this program all it took was one click to fix my problem.

fixwin 500x348 300x208 Instantly Fix Over 50 Common Windows Problems Free


Here are the complete list of functions and features.

Windows Explorer:

  • Recycle Bin icon missing from desktop
  • Reset Folder View settings to default
  • Game Explorer is not working
  • Enable Folder Options in Tools menu and Control Panel
  • Fix show hidden files, folders and drives. Helpful if malware has changed the settings and prevents restoration in the folder options.
  • Restore the Windows Sidebar
  • Fix Recycle Bin icon, if it does not refresh automatically anymore
  • Repair Explorer.exe so that it starts on system boot
  • Drive icons (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray) missing or not recognized by Windows or programs.
  • Fix Thumbnails not working in Windows Explorer

Internet and Connectivity

  • Internet Explorer icon is missing on the desktop
  • Skip the Internet Explorer Run Once wizard, that sometimes appears more than once.
  • Enable access to Internet Options
  • Increase Internet Explorer maximum connections from two to download more files at once.
  • Fix ability to change homepage in Internet Explorer
  • Repair Runtime Error Dialogs appearing in Internet Explorer
  • Repair Internet Connection and reset TCP/IP settings to default values
  • Fix Font Style and Blurry Text in Source window in Internet Explorer 8
  • Reset IE settings to default
  • Enable right-click menu in Internet Explorer

Windows Media

  • Repair An internal application error has occurred when starting Windows Media Player
  • Fix Windows Media Player stops responding after installing a third party product that registers its own wmp.dll file
  • Repair the slideshow in WMP
  • Fix missing right-click context menu entries for media files that are associated with Windows Media Player
  • Repair Windows Media Player Composition Mixer
  • Fix Windows Media Player is not installed properly and must be reinstalled
  • Reset Windows Media Library and fix library sync issues
  • Enable automatic updates for WMP
  • Flush and rebuild Windows Media Center database
  • Enable flash content to be displayed in Windows Media Player while visiting online stores or the media guide

System Tools

  • Repair Task Manager, fix Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator.
  • Enable Command prompt, fix the command prompt has been disabled by your administrator
  • Enable Registry Editor, fix Registry Editing has been disabled by your administrator.
  • Repair MMC Snap-Ins, some viruses disable MMC Snap-Ins to prevent access to Group Policies, Local Security Policies, Disk Management and so on.
  • Reset Windows Search to default, especially helpful in Vista if the message Search Failed to initialize appears when using search.
  • Reset System Restore to defaults. Aids for instance if the message System Restore has been turned off by group policy appears.
  • Repair the Windows Device Manager not working properly, or not showing devices.
  • Repair Windows Defender, resets all Registry settings and services to their default values.
  • Fix Action Center and Windows Security not recognizing Antivirus and Firewall, or identifying the installed software as old security software.
  • Repair the Turn Windows Features on or off dialog

Additional Fixes

  • Repair Hibernate and Hybrid Sleep feature, fix Hibernate missing from Shutdown button options
  • Restore Windows Sidebar gadgets, if sidebar gadgets missing from Gadget panel.
  • Restore sticky notes delete warning dialog box
  • Repair Windows Update, to prevent a blank page when visiting the update page
  • Repair the help system in Windows, so that the Windows Help file opens when accessing Help.
  • Fix corrupted desktop icons, clear and rebuild corrupted icon cache and increase the icon cache limit to 5000
  • Fix Taskbar Jumplists missing or do not store MRU file lists
  • Repair Aero Snap
  • Repair Aero Shake
  • Repair Aero Peek

Download FixWin 1.2

windows2 150x150 Instantly Fix Over 50 Common Windows Problems Free


Sync and Backup Your Files Automatically For Free

Apr 07, 2012 @ 03:15 pm by HackingManual

While I use Macrium to backup my Computers and Files, I also have a need for a simpler backup program that will sync files between my external hard drive. Many backup programs will do a differential or incremental backup, but that isn’t the same as syncing files so they are available in multiple places. There are numerous free file sync programs but many have limitations or you can’t schedule the syncs.

The program I have found that meets my syncing requirements is called Create Synchronicity. It’s a simple and light weight, open source and backup and sync utility. The key features I found were.

Scheduling your backups and file syncs
Mirror sync
One-way incremental sync
Two-ways incremental sync

The transfer speed was quite fast compared to most programs and after backing up 100GB it didn’t encounter any errors. I used a file comparing program called compare advance to verify it’s accuracy and Create Synchronicity didn’t miss a single file. You might ask how this program compares to Microsoft’s Sync toy. With sync toy, during a sync you couldn’t close the program window, and sync toy was extremely slow compared to Create Synchronicity.

create synchronicity logo 128x128 Sync and Backup Your Files Automatically For Free

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