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May 29, 2008 @ 07:03 pm by HackingManual

This is a tutorial on How to Configure an Adtran 1335 Layer 3 Switch.

Configure the IP Address
1. Connect your computer to any of the adtran ports with an Ethernet cable
2. Change your IP Address to
3. Subnet Mask
4. Go to the web browser and type
5. On the left hand side click expand data
6. Go to VLANS
7. Click on VLAN 1 Default
8. Change IP Address Here
9. Device Should Disconnect you

1. Click add VLAN
2. Give it A Name
3. Give it a number between 1-4024
4. Click Check Box Enable VLAN Interface
5. Enable the VLAN under VLAN Interface Configuration
6. Address Type Static
7. Enter Address and Subnet Mask

Assign VLANS to Ports
1. Go to Data
2. Ports
3. Assign Ports to VLANS by choosing membership

Change Default Passwords
1. Click Passwords
2. Change Enable Password
3. Change Telnet Password
4. Change admin password by entering username and password.
Create DHCP Pools
1. Go to System
2. DHCP Server
3. Enter name for pool
4. Enter Subnet Address and Mask
5. Enter Default Gateway
6. Click Optional Settings
7. Enter DNS Server Address
8. Apply

Additional resources can be found at the Adtran Knowledge Base

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