How to Backup Sharepoint Documents

Mar 17, 2011 @ 11:50 pm by HackingManual

If you need to backup Microsoft Sharepoint Documents this is the easy way to do it. This tutorial is also useful for being able to view sharepoint documents in windows explorer to drag and drop files.

Click My Computer
Tools–Map a Drive

This first option may not work but you should try it first

Select a Drive Letter you want to use
Under the folder location enter your sharepoint address such as

Then Click Connect using a different username
Enter the username/password you use to connect to sharepoint
Remember Password

If successful you’re good to go if not this next step will work for you

While still in the map network drive screen at the very bottom you’ll see a link about connecting to a website. This creates a network location.

It should prompt you for the same information address, username/password
It then saves it as a network location

When your finished you should be able to view all your document libraries and be able to back them up. If you were able to successfuly map this as a network drive letter then you will be able to automatically back up these documents with a backup software such as Macrium Reflect or something similar.

If you were only able to add it as a network location then you will only be able to manually back up these files. However there might be a work around for this I’m sure you’ll be able to find.

sharepoint logo How to Backup Sharepoint Documents

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