How to configure Baracuda RBL Exchange Server

Jun 07, 2011 @ 01:03 pm by HackingManual

This tutorial will show you how to configure Baracuda RBL on Microsoft Exchange Server.

Baracuda Networks provides a free RBL (Real Time Spam Block list) which blocks spammers email servers by IP address. This is a much more effective way of blocking spam then by blocking domains because you block the IP address of the SPAM email servers.

Request access to use Baracuda’s RBL at

Registration is quick and free. Then Tell them your DNS server that the email server uses.

Then go to your exchange server command shell and paste in the following command.

Add-IPBlockListProvider -Name -LookupDomain -AnyMatch $True -Enabled $True

Make sure it is all one line, by using note pad and undoing word wrap otherwise an error will display.

Reviews have showed this will block about 78% of your spam, and you can use it with other SPAM RBL’s.

Enjoy your new spam free email environment

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