View Your Computers Hardware Specs

Mar 24, 2012 @ 05:38 pm by HackingManual

There may be many reasons you need to view your computers hardware specs. Maybe you want to upgrade your RAM, replace your motherboard, need new drivers for your video card, or want to know the precise model number of your computer.

hardware 150x150 View Your Computers Hardware Specs

FlitSkikker Info Tool is a neat program which gives you the exact specs of your computer. It is free and available in portable and non-portable versions. It also includes a game advisor which reccomends specific hardware compatibility or upgrades you should make before purchasing a certain game.

It displays:

Computer Manufacurer/Model Name
MotherBoard Manufacurer/Model Name
BIOS Manufacurer/Model Name
Processor Model, Clock Speed and Cache
Memory Size, and Type
Hard Disk Format, Size and Free Space
Sound Card Manufacurer/Model Name
Graphics Card Model, Processor, Ram, and Driver
Monitor Resolution and Refresh Rate.
Network Card Model, IP Address and MAC Address
And The operating system name, version, and service pack name.

infotool 150x150 View Your Computers Hardware Specs



Easily Share Your Desktop With

Mar 02, 2012 @ 04:48 pm by HackingManual allows you to easily share your desktop, give someone control of your mouse, chat, and transfer files, and host a conference call. is completely free and no sign up is required. “Instant online meetings. Ridiculously simple.”

joinme1 Easily Share Your Desktop With

Your viewers or attendees don’t have to download anything or sign up either. Everything is presented in their web browser. Sessions can even be viewed from iPhone, iPad, or Android powered devices.

Screen sharing with up to 250 viewers
Share control of your computer with a viewer
Supports multiple monitors–or select the monitor to present
Individual or Group Chat
Send Files
Conference Calling





Task and Project Management for Teams Made Simple

Jan 07, 2012 @ 06:02 pm by HackingManual

Asana is the newest and easiest way to manage the tasks and projects your team is working on.Asana is free for teams up to 30 people and appears to have unlimited projects and tasks.

asanaiphone 200x300 Task and Project Management for Teams Made Simple

– View your own tasks
– View the tasks others are working on
– Create Projects and Milestones
– Assign tasks to others
– Follow projects and tasks and recieve email notifications when items are completed or commented on
– Attach Documents to Tasks and projects
-Comment on a task and the comment will be emailed to those following the task or project
-Shortcuts to quickly perform actions

iPhone App
In Addition to being available on your PC or Mac, you can view and use Asana from the Asana iPhone app.

Asana Task and Project Management for Teams Made Simple

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