Networking Acronyms and Terminology

May 17, 2012 @ 11:11 am by HackingManual

This is a list of basic computer networking acronyms and terminology. It is a first draft and I will continue to update it and add more information and terms.

LAN- Local Area Network usually a single building or campus
WAN- Connects lans up to global in scale (internet)
MAN- Metro area network City Wide Network
SAN  Data storage network
PAN  Devices around a persons work area, PDA Keybord mouse.
NIC- Network interface card
NOS- Network operating system- windows server, linux, unix netware
Terminator- resistive load at the end of the network cable that blocks reflection and reduces noise
Repeater- network amplifier repeats all incoming packets as broadcast to all connections
Bridge- connects two similar networks
Gateway- connects two dissimilar networks
Router- same as gateway  but only for routeable protocols can also direct network traffic.
B router-  router only able to support a single protocol
Hub- network splitter, broadcasts all incoming packets to all ports
Passive- no active componenets splits signal to all ports, only one per segment, terminate unused ports
Active- powered hub amplifies signal while broadcasting to all ports.
Switch Splits network and provides and provides direction to network packets
Node device that connects to network
NAS Network attached storage

Collision Detecion and Avoidance
-Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Avoidance
-Node checks network for other broadcasts before transmitting
-Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection
-Node broadcasts and waits for reply or time out

Token passing
-Only the node with an empty token can broadcast
-Every node handles every token
-Time sharing ensures every node gets equal time

MAU -Multistation Access Unit, Allows devices to attach to token ring network
Network Administrator -Responsible for maintaining network hardware, software, and users.
IPX- Internet Packet eXchange
ISP-Internet Service Provider
UNC -Universal Naming Convention
POTS -Plain Old Telephone Service
TCP/IP-Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
SLIP-Serial Line Internet Protocol
PPP-Point-to-Point Protocol
DUN- Dial Up Network
UTP -Unshielded Twisted Pair
STP- Shielded Twisted Pair or Spanning Tree Protocol
Protocol -Set of rules telling devices on network how to communicate
Topology- Physical and logical layout of network
VLAN- virtual local area network
DHCP – Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
VPN – virtual private network
SSL – secure sockets layer

Over 175 Free Network Tools

May 22, 2010 @ 01:34 am by HackingManual

This piece of software contains over 175 free network tools, you’ll be like a kid in a candy shop. Perfect for systems administrators, network engineers and penetration testers.

Mac Address Changer
Network Protocol Analyzer
IP/MAC Scanners
Port Scanners/Listeners
Packet Sniffer
Stenographic Encryption Tools
Remote PC Shutdown
Packet Generator
Way too many more amazing tools to list here.

Download Net Tools 5

nt5 Over 175 Free Network Tools

Cisco’s Peter Packet Teaches Subnetting

May 03, 2010 @ 01:35 am by HackingManual

Cisco’s has a new cartoon out that teaches subnetting. Staring Peter Packet  and Terry B Router.  The video was amazing and very easy to understand. Subnetting may be be one of the most difficult concepts on the planet, lol. Cisco made subnetting so easy, even a child could understand it. The cartoon was entertaining and a great memory refresher. I only hope Cisco produces more cartoons like these to teach overly complex processes in a simple way.

Watch The Video Here

PeterPacket 300x204 Ciscos Peter Packet Teaches Subnetting

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