Easily Identify Remote Computer Details

Apr 27, 2011 @ 10:11 pm by HackingManual

If you are in a tech support position then this article might save you some hassle and save you some time by allowing you to quickly know your client’s operating system, public ip address, web browser, and whether or not cookies, flash, or java-script is enabled.

Sure you might have figured out an easy way to ask whether they are using Windows XP/Vista/7 but how about do you know what version of flash your running, or do you have java script or cookies enabled. Yes those are much trickier.

Instead simply direct them to go to supportdetails.com they can even quickly email you the details with a form or just read you what you are looking to find out.

techsupport 150x148 Easily Identify Remote Computer Details

Buy Video Games For Dirt cheap

Apr 27, 2011 @ 09:57 pm by HackingManual

This article will show you how to save some serious cash on video games. Video games are pretty expensive but it’s possible to save up to 90% or more when buying them and I’ll show you how.

Half.com is a company owned by Ebay and allows sellers to set their own price for video games, books, music, and movies. The difference is the sellers are forced to sell at low prices in order to make a sale. The sellers usually compete for the lowest price in order to get their item sold.The longer the video game has been out the cheaper it is.

The beauty of Half.com is once your done playing the video game you can sell it back for about the same price you paid. This gives you much more money than selling at Gamestop or a similar store because those stores don’t give you anything near what they are going to sell it for. If you finish with the game in a short period of time like a week or two or decide you don’t like it you can sell it back for pretty much the same price you paid for it. Almost like getting the video game for almost free.

Say you buy a $60 video game for $10. Then you sell it back for $8. You just got a $60 video game for $2.

videogames Buy Video Games For Dirt cheap


Quickly Speed Up your computer

Apr 27, 2011 @ 07:54 pm by HackingManual

Looking for the best, quickest, easiest way to speed up your computer? Look no further.

Your probably already know your computer is slowed down by all of the multiple running applications running at once.

You can disable the hidden programs and services that silently start up with your computer without your knowledge.

Click Start—Run–msconfig
Or if your running Vista/7 Type msconfig in the “start search” bar
Click the startup tab
Pretty much everything here can be disabled without worry.
You’ll want to keep your anti-virus and anything else you knowingly use daily.
For example the only two items I have enabled are My Antivirus and DropBox.
If you have any problems you can always re-enable
Click Apply–Tell it to restart later

Next click the services tab, and click hide all microsoft services.
Now this section you should be a bit more careful with and only disable software you have uninstalled or know for a fact you’ll never use again.

Now restart your computer and enjoy the additional speed.

Speed 150x150 Quickly Speed Up your computer


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