188 Webdesign Tools

Sep 10, 2010 @ 10:56 pm by HackingManual

Free tools and tutorials over Webdesign, PHP, CSS, WordPress, and more. These tools are all brought to you by Pelfusion, my new favorite website. It’s going to take months to read through all the information on this site.  It’s all great stuff. Where do I start first?

webred 188 Webdesign Tools

25 important Web design Tools for your website.

54 Webdesign Tutorials

26 PHP Tools and resources for web developers

20 web applications and tools for designers

20 WordPress CMS Plugins

14 features you need for your WordPress theme

10 wordpress security plugins

19 CSS tools

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Free Tools For Your Website

Mar 07, 2009 @ 06:05 pm by HackingManual

EveryStockPhoto-Royalty Free Pictures.

PartnersInRhyme-Royalty Free Music, loops and sound effects.

Google Analytics- Track where your visitors are coming from, Which keywords they searched in order to get to your website,  other websites that are referring traffic to you and more.

Meta Tag Analyzer- See how search engine robots view your site.

Free Website Submission- Submit your website to over 40 search engines, and get listed in Google fast.

Free Google Email Server- This has gotten really hard to find. Host your own domain free like user@yourwebsite.com

Google Adsense- Advertise on your site and make money through Google.

Website Grader - Grades the Search Engine Optimization of your website.

Google Webmaster Tools - Provides you with information about your visibility on Google.

2 Create A WebsiteComplete guide to creating a website.

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How to increase your website traffic

How To Increase Website Traffic

Jul 05, 2008 @ 05:11 pm by HackingManual

1.Content is key. Create lots of high quality unique content. Never copy someone else’s content. Search engines look for duplicate content and remove it from their database. Give your readers a reason to come back. Make your content stand out from other websites. Also provide updated content. Users don’t want to read an article from 2 years ago and neither do search engines.

2. Provide Meta Data. Meta data is how a search engine knows what you want it to display after a search. The title of the page, a summary, keywords, and the authors email address. Also avoid using the same meta data for every page on your website. If you do that the content you have on your website won’t really matter. Each page should have unique meta data.

3. Create Viral Videos. Viral videos are videos that are extremely funny and get shared with friends and family on websites like Youtube. Promote your website by adding your domain at the end of the video.

4. Defend against copyright infringement. When another person steals content from your website, search engines see your site as having duplicate content. You can monitor duplicate content with copyscape.com

5. Submit your website to search engines. You only need to submit your website once. Don’t Harass the search engines or they will remove you. Also create a site map for Google. Don’t feel like submitting to search engines one by one? There are plenty of free search engine submission services that will submit your site to hundreds of search engines for free.

6. Use Facebook. Add your link to your profile. Create a group for your website. Create a business profile for your website. Create an application, applications are now the interactive way to advertise. You can also apply these methods to Myspace, Yuwie, Live Journal, Vampire Freaks and all of the other millions of social networking sites out there.

7. Advertise. Use Google and AdBrite to advertise your website on the internet.

8. Easy Navigation. Make your website easy to navigate so that users can find their way around. This will result in users staying on your website long and coming back more often.

9. Buy your own domain name and web hosting. This equals more traffic. You will be able to customize everything. Also if you decide you want to sell your website you will be able to without a problem.

10.Get High Quality Incoming Links. The more relevant high quality websites that link to yours the higher the search engines will rank you. Don’t participate in link schemes, or link builders and don’t spam. The surefire way to get incoming links is to create great content and others will link you.

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