Cheap Geek Gear

Jan 01, 2010 @ 03:39 am by HackingManual

A list of the places I shop to get the best deals on my geek gear.

MonoPrice.Com – The best place for cables. Cat5, HDMI, VGA. – Really good for Used desktops, LCD monitors and TV’s. I bought a refurbished TV from here saving about $300 and It came in perfectly brand new condition.  I’ve also made recommendations for others to by desktops from here, cheapest I’ve found. – While the prices may be slightly higher than NewEgg, they do offer local shops in some areas which is nice, and the pricing is usually competitive. I haven’t liked them since they turned all of there stores into CompUSA, They’ve changed policies and are becoming more and more like a Best Buy every day. I still shop there. – Free shipping on a ton of products, and usually very competitive prices. Great customer service and a ton of reviews.

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