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Mar 18, 2011 @ 01:12 pm by HackingManual

Previously I used iBackupBot to export, view and backup my iPhone SMS text messages but I found that it didn’t export my text messages properly. The dates were out of order and nothing was organized by conversation thread.

I have found a much better alternative that works very well. Tansee iPhone Transfer SMS.  It exports to either a text file organized by contact name or number if no name is stored, or to a ant database which can be opened by the software. I prefer the text file export because it opens much faster and you can use Ctrl + F to search for items.

It does take a few minutes to load all of your messages especially if you have a good amount. The software costs $19.95 but compared to the alternatives I believe it is completely worth every penny. There is a free trial which allows you to download a limited number of messages per contact so that you can see how it works and if you like it.

Download Tansee iPhone Transfer SMS

Tansee SMS 300x199 Export, View and Backup Iphone SMS

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