Goodbye VMWare, Hello Virtual Box

Jan 01, 2010 @ 04:03 am by HackingManual

I’ve been a long user and supporter of VMWare , however there are just too many problems and glitches. I delt with them because it was a good program, but then I discovered Virtual box.

Things I didn’t like about VMWare Server.

The process to install, and get a serial for the program was lengthy.
The download was huge and took forever.
Version 1.0 had issues with vista and would cause it to crash. VMWare Server Crashes Vista
Version 2.0 was weird and not user friendly.

With virtual box I didn’t have any of those problems.
The download was quick and easy, no vista issues and very user friendly. Forgot to mention Virtual Box is FreeWare!

vbox2 Goodbye VMWare, Hello Virtual Box

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