Did Google Steal Instant Search From Facebook?

Sep 10, 2010 @ 05:53 pm by HackingManual

So After Google introduced Instant search I wasn’t all that impressed. In fact I always shut it off, it annoys me.  Blog Authors come out with all these articles about how Google instant search is the greatest thing ever. How Google will take over the world with it, and demolish Bing. I use google for one reason because it gives search results I’m actually looking for. Bing and Yahoo don’t, in fact I think they are programmed to find the exact opposite.

Anyways Later I was on Facebook and when you type in the search box it gives you Instant Search. Whooaa! Discovery. I like Facebook instant search sometimes, but other times it just gets in the way. I know what I’m searching for, especially when I type something really fast and hit enter, and it doesn’t bring up search results, nope it brings up the page of who it thought I was talking about.

So did Google steal instant search from Facebook? Who knows, I made it up, Ideas and inspirations come from lots of places.but I hate articles that make everything sound like it’s so amazing and news worthy.

google facebook1 Did Google Steal Instant Search From Facebook?

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  1. I hate that instant search as well. Drives me insane. I put firefox back on its default google page in order to get google back like it used to be. And I agree, actually finding what I am looking for is the reason I use google.

    Comment by Jason — September 10, 2010 @ 7:03 pm

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