How Secret is your Secret Question?

Jul 04, 2008 @ 08:00 pm by HackingManual

Every time you sign up for a an online account they require you to provide a secret question? What city were you born in? Whats your mothers maiden name?

The purpose to the secret question is to provide a backdoor into your account if you happen to forget your password. I guess this is a good idea in theory, but it makes it really simple for hackers to gain access to your accounts. Most of this information can be found in public records. If your not sure what your public records are, it’s a database that companies use to verify your identity. Also every website seems to be using the same set of secret questions.

The problem is that this is very poor security. You are only as secure as the weakest link in the system. So even if you have a really strong password it won’t matter because it won’t take long for a hacker to figure out your secret question. When forced to provide an answer to a secret question simply put in jibberish and forget about it.

top secret 300x256 How Secret is your Secret Question?

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