How To Change Your MAC Address

Jul 05, 2008 @ 05:23 pm by HackingManual

Something every Ethical Hacker should be able to do is spoof his MAC address. Network security professionals use switch port security with sticky mac addresses, meaning if your mac address doesn’t match, you’re not getting in. This can prove to be a false sense of security for network security specialists because hackers can sniff packets and spoof the MAC address needed to get access to the network.

MAC stands for Media Access Control Address and it is a HEX number that is hard encoded in your Network Interface Card. Changing your MAC address is as simple as changing a few Registry settings. However if your not comfortable working with the registry Technitium Mac Address Changer allows you to change your MAC address for Free. (They don’t charge for just changing a registry value!) You Can Download MAC Address Changer for free at Technitium

Another Reason to change your MAC address is to remain anonymous. Many people believe that if they spoof their IP address by using proxies they can remain anonymous. Unfortunately your MAC address is also recorded

change mac address How To Change Your MAC Address

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