How To Protect Your Computer From Hackers

Jul 05, 2008 @ 05:13 pm by HackingManual

1. Always Use Protection: Prevent spyware from being installed on your computer by using programs such as Spybot, Spyware Blaster, and Advanced Windows Care 2 to immunize your computer from already known threats. Remember to update and immunize often. Free powerful Virus Protection can be obtained by using Avira Personal and Spyware Doctor Starter edition. Remember you can never have enough protection.

2. Turn off File sharing: Unless you purposely want to share your files or printers with others on the network, turn this feature off. I recommend shutting this feature off when you use your computer in a public area.

3. Remove Spyware: Schedule a daily scan with Spyware Doctor (Free with google pack) Set it to automatically update.

4. Use Firefox: I have noticed with other browsers that Active X infections happen a lot. Firefox is more secure.

5. Enable and configure your Firewall:

6. Disable Hidden Accounts: If you’re still using XP make sure the administrator account is disabled

7. Create and use a Strong password for each account: Rainbow tables have made it simple to crack passwords. So protect your self by using a strong password. Create passwords that are between 8-14 characters. Use a combination of Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers and Symbols. Here is an example NycDjM1xM@$t3r

8. Secure your wireless Network:

9. Encrypt private data

10. Scan Incoming Files: If you use Limewire or a Bit torrent to download files, Scan all files before you open them. If the file is a ZIP, RAR or any other compressed format make sure to unzip the contents before scanning. These files are known as packed and sometimes can’t be detected until unpacked. Simply right click on the folder and scan.

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