How to setup a Free VOIP server using SwitchVox

Jan 28, 2011 @ 05:03 pm by HackingManual

There are many free open source VOIP servers, the most popular being Asterisk and Trixbox. However they both can be complicated to set up for beginners. SwitchVox is by far the easiest I’ve seen and can be setup and running in 15 minutes. The GUI is very simple and user friendly. The free version of SwitchVox only allows for 6 users unlike the alternatives. However for beginners I recommend using it.

Download the ISO Image and burn to a CD using IMG Burn.

Or if you are using a Virtual Server Leave the image file on your desktop.

Boot from the CD and Hit install. You can choose DHCP or give it a static IP address. It’ll ask you to take the CD out and restart. When it’s finished it will give you the IP address to access from a web browser on another computer connected to the network. Such as

Ignore the security certificate warning since this is your server. The default username/password is admin and admin.

Now we can start creating users also known as extensions.

Click Extensions–Manage Extensions–Create New Extension–Create New Extension Again–Put in any 3 Digit Extension such as 100–Then a first name–and a 4 digit password such as 1234–Scroll down and click save extension settings–Click back to manage extensions–and create another extension such as 200 with a firstname and password.

Now you’re ready to start making internal calls. You’ll need either a Free softphone or a VOIP Phone.

For windows An easy Softphone to use is 3CX.  For Linux I found Twinkle Phone works well. Switchvox does have a small issue with recognizing voicemail password from 3CX when calling voicemail, but other Softphones don’t seem to have that problem.

Click set accounts in upper right hand corner of 3CX. Give the account any name–Extension 100–ID 100–password 1234–I am in the office local IP–Put in IP of your server for example–Click okay. Physical Phones and other softphones will be similar. Anywhere you see a username,password put in and domain or server will be the IP address.

You can call the sample AutoAttendant by dialing 800–The voicemail system by dialing 899–Or if you are running a different phone with another extension you can dial it and call your friend and have a conversation, put him on hold. Congrats you’ve just setup SwitchVox.

Regular users can Manage their account by going to the server in a web browser such as  and using their extension and password. Then they can manage call handling, voicemail, call history, ECT.

System Settings

Voip Provider- You can put in your settings for a VOIP telephone carrier. There are many to choose from with different prices. will provide you with a 2 way line with Unlimited minutes for 24.99 per month. And phone numbers at $1 a month. No contracts, Immediate activation. Perfect for testing.

Outgoing Calls- Here is your dial plan. If you had a VOIP provider you could send calls out using them. By default Local and LongDistance calls have a 9 to dial out. You can of course change that.

Incoming Calls- This is where you put in your Phone Number also known as a DID, also known as a route number in SwitchVox. You can have this phone number from your carrier transfer too any extension you choose. So if this is johns phone number I will transfer to extension 100.

Switchvox How to setup a Free VOIP server using SwitchVox

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