How to put your Iphone in DFU Mode

Jan 28, 2011 @ 05:45 pm by HackingManual

If your Iphone has been corrupted due to firmware upgrade or downgrade you can use DFU mode as a last resort to get your Iphone working again.

DFU stands for Device Firmware update and loads to BIOS before loading the firmware. Please note this is a last resort and there are many options to fix your Iphone before using this. You can try reseting all settings, restoring from backup, or using standard recovery mode.

Connect your Iphone to your computer and launch Itunes–Hold down the power button and home button for exactly 10 seconds. Even if it asks you to turn off keep holding. Just count to 10. Then release the power button and keep holding the home button. Itunes will come up with a message that says Itunes has detected and Iphone in recovery mode. The phone will have a completely black screen. If you see anything else you are not in DFU mode.Now you can restore the firmware or a custom firmware.

apple How to put your Iphone in DFU Mode

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