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Routers Are Layer 3 Devices A.K.A. Network Layer Device.

Routers connect separated networks together
Routers perform packet switching from one network to another

Routers perform packet filtering and path selection. If different routes are learned from multiple routes the lowest administrative distance determines which route is chosen.

The router says: “What’s the best way I can deliver this data?”

Every router makes it’s routing decsions alone, based on the information it has in it’s own routing table.

Sometimes a router is referred to as a DTE Device.

Routers do not forward broadcasts

A Router connects to a switch with a straight through cable.
Routers examine the destination IP address of a packet.
They send that packet to the next router reffered to as the next hop.

Routers can connect networks that use different routing protocols.
Routers allow multiple users to share a single connection to the internet.
Routers create separate broadcast and collision domains.

So if a broadcast is sent on one segment of the network, the router will not forward it to the other segments on the network. This is done to reduce unnecessary traffic.

The Router IOS loading sequence is
1. Flash
3. ROM

If no IOS is found the router will enter Rom Monitor Mode.

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