Secure Your Email Accounts

Oct 14, 2008 @ 05:44 pm by HackingManual

Is your email account safe? Ever wonder how hackers hack into yahoo email accounts? Sarah Palin, the republican candidate for vice president just had her yahoo account hacked.This article is intended to increase the awareness of the security vulnerabilities of Web based email security.

The most common and easiest way a web based email account is hacked is by using the Secret Question. A hacker will click on “I forgot my password” Enter your user name. All he needs to know is your Birthday and zip code, and the answer to your secret question. Like what high school did you go to? All it takes is about 20 minutes of searching the internet and some clever social engineering and your email account can be hacked. I encourage websites to stop using the so called “secret question” and start using something more secure. I encourage users to test their own security of the accounts they have. When you sign up for accounts make sure no one can ever find the answer to you secret question even if you have to make up a jibberish answer and write it down. How secret is your secret question?


Many users are infected with spyware and don’t even know it. Spyware can be used to record your keystrokes and send them to the hacker. 3 Programs that I would recommend to protect your self from spyware are PC Tools spyware doctor, Spybot Search and Destroy and Ad Aware 2008.

What can a hacker use your email account for?

Sending emails to friends and family- a common scam that is being done is after a hacker gains access to your email account is they send an email to your friends and family saying that you are stranded and need money.

Accessing all of your other accounts- Hackers can gain access to your bank account and all of your other email accounts just by knowing your email password. In the process of password recovery an email with your user name and password will be sent to your email account or a link to reset your password.

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