Server 2003 Editions

May 04, 2008 @ 12:55 pm by HackingManual

There are four versions of server 2003. Web Server, Standard, Enterprise and Data Center Edition. This article will discuss the differences between those editions and help you decide which edition you need.

Web Server Edition- As the name suggests this version of server 2003 is meant to be used only as a web server.

Standard Edition- Up to 4GB of RAM and 4 processors can be used. 2GB will be allocated to the operating system and the other 2GB will be allocated to applications

Enterprise Edition- Up to 8 Processors are supported. Enterprise edition also allows you to clusters of 2 servers.

Data Center Edition- Up to 32 processors and 64GB of RAM can be used. You can create clusters of 4 servers. Server 2003 Data Center edition is the only version that you cannot buy in stores. It is only available through server manufacturers. This ensures reliability and thus data center edition rarely crashes and rarely needs to be rebooted.

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