Software Kit Needed to Develop Android Apps

Jan 07, 2012 @ 06:42 pm by HackingManual

So you’re curious about beginning to learn to develop android applications? Here is the software you’ll need to begin developing and testing your android applications.

androidblue 150x150 Software Kit Needed to Develop Android Apps

1. Android SDK – The Android SDK allows you to download different versions of the android operating system (Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich ECT.) When you have everything installed you will be able to run your program inside a simulator which acts just like the real device.

2. Java Development Kit (JDK) – The Java Development kit is a requirement needed to develop programs in Java like android apps.

3. Eclipse – Eclipse is the main GUI software in which you will write your application and test it. All of the other components support eclipse in your android development.

4. ADT Eclipse Plugin РThis is the Android developers tool plugin for eclipse. It works with eclipse in order to assist you in developing your android application.

5. SubEclipse – This piece of software is optional. It allows eclipse to work with SVN’s. (Subversioning systems) For example if you wanted to download an open source application from

6. Tortise SVN – This is another optional SVN application. Although it doesn’t plug into Eclipse I find it to be much more friendly than SubEclipse.

7. DroidDraw РDroid Draw is a What you see, is what you get GUI Interface Designer to design the different  screens in your android apps . The Android Tools in eclipse already has a very good built in GUI Interface Designer so this application is optional as well.


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