Speed Up Windows Vista

Jun 04, 2008 @ 05:07 pm by HackingManual

1. Fix Registry Errors. Registry errors create slow performance and may cause your computer to randomly crash. They are often created when uninstalling software. There are many freeware programs you can use to fix registry errors. Two programs that I recommend are CCleaner and using Free Registry Cleaner.

2. Disable Unwanted Startup Programs. Does it take forever to load boot up? Tired of Yahoo Messenger starting every time you boot up your computer? Go to the Start Menu, then click Run. Type msconfig, click on the startup tab, uncheck the unwanted startup programs, and click Apply. For a more indepth approach try using the free program HijackThis.

3.Disable Unwanted Services. Type services.msc in the start search bar.

4.Disable File Indexing. File indexing is an unnecessary waste of system resources. It allows you to search for files faster but consumes a lot of resources to do that.

5. Delete Hidden Unwanted Data. Over time trash accumulates on your computer. Application Data, Temporary Internet Files, Windows Log Files and such. You can remove this data with a program called CCleaner.

6. Uninstall Unwanted Programs. Use Revo Uninstaller to uninstall your programs and move all registry entries and file associated with that program. The standard windows uninstaller will leave all of that stuff behind.

7.Remove Spyware. The best spyware remover I have found is Spyware Doctor starter edition. Other free spyware removers are Spybot, and Malware bytes.

8.Remove Viruses. If you don’t have a virus scanner installed try using Avira Free Anti-Virus.

9. Add more RAM. This is the fastest way to increase the performance of your computer.

10. Improve System Performance. Right click on My Computer, select Properties, select the Advanced tab. Under Performance select Settings, choose adjust for best performance.

11. Remove Duplicate Files. Use a free program like Duplicate Cleaner to get rid of your duplicate files. Or you could spend days searching through your computer and doing it manually. It’s really up to you.

12. Defrag Your Hard Drive. Over time, data on your hard drive becomes scattered in different places on the disk. When data is fragmented it takes more time for the hard drive to be able to read that data because the head on the hard drive has to swing back and forth. This slows down your computer and reduces the life of your hard drive. Be sure to run Disk Defragmenter every couple weeks.

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