Sync and Backup Your Files Automatically For Free

Apr 07, 2012 @ 03:15 pm by HackingManual

While I use Macrium to backup my Computers and Files, I also have a need for a simpler backup program that will sync files between my external hard drive. Many backup programs will do a differential or incremental backup, but that isn’t the same as syncing files so they are available in multiple places. There are numerous free file sync programs but many have limitations or you can’t schedule the syncs.

The program I have found that meets my syncing requirements is called Create Synchronicity. It’s a simple and light weight, open source and backup and sync utility. The key features I found were.

Scheduling your backups and file syncs
Mirror sync
One-way incremental sync
Two-ways incremental sync

The transfer speed was quite fast compared to most programs and after backing up 100GB it didn’t encounter any errors. I used a file comparing program called compare advance to verify it’s accuracy and Create Synchronicity didn’t miss a single file. You might ask how this program compares to Microsoft’s Sync toy. With sync toy, during a sync you couldn’t close the program window, and sync toy was extremely slow compared to Create Synchronicity.

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