Top 10 Iphone Apps

Nov 13, 2010 @ 05:01 pm by HackingManual

Top 10 free Iphone Apps.

Dropbox- 2GB or more Free File Storage. Access Files from your iphone or your computer or the web. View Pictures, Offices Documents, PDF’s and more. Transfering files to your iphone has never been easier. Share Files and folders with others.

Google Tasks – There are plenty of To Do apps for iphone but none I have seen have been better than Google tasks. The best part is you can add tasks from either the iphone or gmail web browser. While it’s not a native iphone app you can add it to your app screen. Go to add it as a bookmark and add it too the home screen.

Slacker Radio- Internet radio on your Iphone. Runs in the background.

MapQuest – While many people use google maps, it doesn’t give turn by turn directions or voice commands. Mapquest does and it’s free.

Dragon Dictation- Great for recording your voice to text for notes and it’s free.

App Shopping – Apps like App Tracker and AppShopper track paid apps that are on sale for free or have a reduction in price. Allows you to get paid apps for free while they are available and you can’t beat the price of free.

BarCode Scanning Apps – Apps like pic2shop, RedLaser, Bakodo, and ShopSavy allow you to take a picture of a barcode and it scans the internet for cheaper prices so that you can get the best price on the item you’re buying.

Free Texting Apps- With unlimited texting normally costing $20 a month why not get it for free if you can. Apps like Google Voice, GVconnect, TextNow, or Textplus 4 you get unlimited free texting and with apps like TextNow or Textplus 4 you’ll get you’re own phone number and free picture messaging too for free. The only down side to TextNow is that they release your phone number if you don’t use it within 5 days. Most of the apps have push notifications so you’ll know as soon as you get a text.

Shazam- Ever heard a good song and wish you knew what it was called. Shazam does just that. Just touch to shazam and it listens to the song and identifies the name and artist.

PS Express - Photoshop express may not be the best photo app but it sure has a lot of great features. Lets you crop, straighten, rotate, flip, adjust brightness, exposure, saturation, tint, contrast, black and white. Sharpen, Focus, and plenty of special effects and borders all for free.

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