Unlimited Calling For iPhone, Ipods, and Androids

Jan 07, 2012 @ 04:53 pm by HackingManual

Turn your ipod into a phone with unlimited calling. Eon Phone is available on iPhone, Ipods, ipads, and android devices.

Voice Over Internet Protocol applications have flooded the market in the past year.  While the options are many, for users looking for a simple, no non-sense VoIP application then try Eon Phone.

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Eon Phone delivers what it promises. Clear reception, endless calling and customer service support if you run into problems. But you should not run into too much trouble because the set-up is simple. Just enter in your Eon Phone number and password, and the app works like your main dial pad-if you are using it as a second line on a phone.

For frugal shoppers, download Eon Phone on an iPad touch, and you just downloaded a new iPhone. This also works on iPads and Android tablets with speakers. One of the best things about Eon Phone is that you do not have to decide which device to put the application on. One account can work on both your iPhone and iPad.

Currently, Eon Phone only offers unlimited calling to the United States and Canada. This provides an ideal service for students studying abroad or business travelers looking to stay connected to their families, but an overlooked feature might be for businesses looking to get into the North American market. Create an Eon Phone account and you have a number in any area code as a way to reach a new customer base.

The Eon Phone app offers:

1.       Unlimited Minutes

2.       Low Price (about $10 a month for unlimited calling.)

3.       Clear voice reception in areas with Wi-Fi or 3G.

4.     Call Recording on iphone, ipod, and ipad.

For customers based in the United States, the question becomes should you keep your cell phone. Probably. Especially if you enjoy talking on the phone while driving, but if you are looking to save money two line might not be necessary.

Is it worth paying ten times as much for service that does not always work indoors where you have Wi-Fi access? Should you pay hundreds of dollars or start saving money with Eon Phone? Download the Eon Phone app and enjoy unlimited calling for Androids nd iPhones.

The only con is that it works best over Wi-Fi, but how often are you without a Wi-Fi connection these days?

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