Uses For Your Old Computer

Jul 05, 2008 @ 05:00 pm by HackingManual

Thinking of throwing away that ancient system, think again. Make your old computer into something useful. If you guys have any other ideas feel free to comment.

File Server- Store movies, music, and pictures on your home network.
Webserver- Host your own website and avoid paying for webhosting.
FTP Server- Upload and download files across the internet
Firewall- Protect your home network with Smoothwall
Router- You can also use Smooth wall to turn you computer into a router.
Media Server- Play stored Movies and Music on a media server.
Proxy Server- Programs like Squid or Netcache turn your old PC into a Proxy Server.
Have you ever wanted to try out Linux but didn’t want to give up windows?
DHCP Server- Dish out dynamic IP addresses by turning you old computer into a DHCP server.
A Table- If all else fails you can use that old desktop for a table or a nightstand.
A Paper Weight-
Need something to prevent the wind from blowing all of your important papers of your desk?

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