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Mar 12, 2009 @ 08:21 pm by HackingManual

Add Items to the Send To List- Ever wanted to customize the send to list when you right click on a file? Open windows explorer and type %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo and add the shortcuts to that folder.

Start Programs Automatically-Do you want certain programs or websites to startup automatically when you turn on your computer? If so Here’s how. Add a shortcut to the following folder. Start—All Programs–Startup.

Vista Task Manager Shortcut-No longer are the days when pressing Ctrl Alt Del will take you directly to the Task Manager.Instead Try Pressing Ctrl Alt Esc.
Using the Windows Key:
Windows Key + D = Show Desktop
Windows Key + E  = Windows Explorer
Windows Key + F = Search
Windows Key + L= Lock your computer
Windows Key + R = Run

Using Start Search
CMD = Command Prompt
DEV = Device Manager
SYS=  System Restore
UPD= Windows Update
PROG= Set Program Defaults
EVE= Event Viewer
MSTSC= Remote Desktop
MSCONFIG= Control Startup Programs and Services

Web Browser Shortcuts (Firefox and Internet Explorer)
Ctrl + F = Search Webpage
Ctrl + T = Open New Tab

Restore Your Recycle Bin- Did you accidentally delete the Recycle bin? So did I . To Restore it Right Click on My Computer—Properties—Change Desktop Icons

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