Windows Complete PC Backup

Jan 04, 2009 @ 04:20 pm by HackingManual

Until Vista came along there was no built in way to back up your entire computer including your operating system, registry and installed programs. Previously if you wanted to make an image of your hard drive you had to use programs like Norton Ghost or Clone Zilla. Now with Most flavors of vista there is a feature called Windows Complete PC Backup. You should make an image as soon as you buy your computer or install windows, or install a lot of software. This way if a virus hits your machine or it’s just a few years old and the registry is all bogged down, you can restore your computer when it was running at it’s peek.

Click the start Bar
Type Backup and restore into the start search bar
Hit Enter
Click Backup Computer

You can either backup to a DVD or a Another Hard Drive besides The Drive you OS is running on

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