Wireless Security WEP

Jul 08, 2006 @ 06:31 pm by HackingManual

Using a WEP key is like using a bathroom lock that you can open with a butter knife. It will keep out the accidental walk-ins but not someone who wants to get in.

Many people would be suprised at just how insecure wireless security is. This Lifehacker article shows you several ways to crack a WEP key. It’s so easy an amatuer can do it.The author states that this article is not intended to show people how to hack into others networks but instead show you just how easy to crack a WEP key is and why you shouldn’t use one.

It should also be noted that WPA isn’t much safer and that the most secure encryption method is currently WPA2. Always use a key even if you have your SSID hidden, and you have MAC filtering turned on.

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